Subject: Australia and New Zealand
Hi everyone,

I am heading to Australia for 17 weeks in January. 5 or 6 days of this will be spent in Melbourne attending the Australian Tennis Open. We have the rest of the time to travel around. We are going to purchase one way passes on Qantas that are very economical. I had hoped to get to Tasmania and the Barrier Reef, with the rest of the time. We are flying home from Sydney, so we would end up there for two days. We have a wide variety of interests, similar to what many people here seem to enjoy. The outdoors, beaches, the arts, biking, hiking, great food and wine, etc. My question for the group is that my friend suddenly wants to go to New Zealand and spend time, limiting our time in Australia to Melbourne and Sydney. I am sure that I would love New Zealand, but I am worried about taking on too much travel and absorbing little. I also hope to encounter warm, sunny weather, and I have heard that New Zealand's summer is rather wet. Tasmania will be cool and wet, but I hope to get some serious beach time in at the other locales.

Would anyone here be so kind as to share their opinions on my proposed itinerary? Specifically, did you enjoy Australia or New Zealand more?

thanks in advance Jonathan Chimene New York