Subject: Re: Australia and New Zealand

17 weeks? Aaaah, perfect! I really can't speak for NZ, as I never seem to get over there, but your time frame is just right to enjoy Australia. I understand NZ, especially South Island, is much like my beloved Oregon, with its cool forests &clear waters.

It's a good decision to use the airpass system in any case; distances are so great. Only the first segment need be reserved, the rest left open so you can reserve as you go along. You do need to specify the cities. Max 10 coupons per book/1 book per person, purchased before you leave the US. An additional 10 coupons can be purchased in Aus or NZ provided the last coupon of the first book has not been used. Pricing depends on the zones between which you travel.

Do you scuba or snorkle? I'm assuming GBR is on your list! Rainforest &beaches from Cairns north to Cape Tribulation are some of the lovliest in the world, with easy boat access to GBR islands or outer reef.

I'm getting a brain cramp trying to give decent advice! Have you gone to ? The Australian Tourist Commission has tons of good info &links to the individual Australian state sites that may help you.

Marty &Marghe, Gay, how about some feedback? And Barb at Tannum Sands?

Gail In Eugene, with the first no-rain day in 33 days