Subject: Re: Prague
Hi Kim,

When we were in Prague in autumn of '97 we stayed at the Holiday Home , a pension in Vinohrady. The metro station Námesti miru was at the end of the block. This is one station south of Wenceslas Square.

Cost was about $30 to $35 US a night. This was discount lodging in a turn-of-the-century apartment building that has been converted to a pension. It suited our needs perfectly. We spent all day exploring Prague and would return to crash after putting together a meal in the shared kitchenette. Or, we'd come back in the afternoon and rest before heading out for dinner. The Metro and trams served all our transportation needs perfectly, with the exception of our shuttle to the airport arranged by the pension owner Vladimir Tesar.

While in Prague rise early and head out to the Charles Bridge. The early morning light silhouettes the towers throughout the city. Additionally, it may be the only time the bridge isn't packed.

Don't miss the Obecní dum. The restored municipal house is one of the greatest examples of secessionist architecture around. Plus, the murals of Mucha.

When visiting the castle be sure and head a little further up the hill into the neighborhood of Novy Svet. This is an interestingly quirky 15th century neighborhood. Located in this neighborhood was a pension named U Raku that we would opt to stay at whenever we return to Prague, tel.# 35 14 53.