Subject: Re: Chile as a vacation destination
Helen and any other interested parties,

This month's (Dec. 2001) edition of Saveur Magazine has a very good article about Chiloé. Titled Oysters, Potatoes, and Pride you'll find it beginning on page 77. The article mentions Restaurante Ostras Caulín and its owner Ramón Molina at whose place we spent a lovely afternoon savoring his oysters and enjoying his company for a couple of hours. When Don Ramón mentioned the availibility of the adjacent cabin for the night we took him up on the offer. The dark and dreary day grew even darker and colder and soon the rain began. But our fully furnished cabin with its woodstove putting out ample heat kept us warm and toasty while we snuggled in bed watching The Sopranos on satellite tv. All at the unbelievable price of $27.50 U.S. including breakfast!

If you go to Chiloé do stop in and say hello to Don Ramón. By the way, his oysters are far and away the best I've ever eaten. That's coming from someone with over 25 years serving fine food, including 12+ years specializing in seafood.

John Rule San Diego, CA