Subject: RE: Tours to Britain/Scotland
Hello Eileen &Al:

I think that your email raises an interesting point regarding let them drive versus drive yourself. I find that there are at least two exciting things about travel. First is the planning. The core of our travel group consists of Jan, Punkin, Craig and me, Tom. Jan and Punkin do the planning, Craig does the online and telephonic research and I supervise. :-) We will take six months or more, several dinners and a lot of cocktails to plan but every minute is exciting and heightens our anticipation of the next trip. The fun is in the planning. Our trips are varied, but we find if we drive ourselves then we have the ultimate in flexibility. I drive, Punkin navigates, Craig sleeps and Jan supervises. It works so long as I ignore the screaming. We have friends who take the bus tours. They have very structured tours; they have similar lives. They do not seem to have the opportunity to spend that little bit of extra time required when something intrigues our interest. We can change our trip midstream; those on the bus cannot. I am a firm believer of taking a bus tour of a new city to get your bearings, but I am not an advocate of a bus tour to see anything else. September and early October are superb times to see things in Europe. High season ends on September 30th. The roads are less crowded and driving is significantly easier. In my humble opinion, use the Zine for the wealth of good advice available, hire the car and avoid the bus. By the way, Happy Holidays.