Subject: Re: Tours to Britain/Scotland
Hi Eileen and Al,

My husband and I took a tour of England &Scotland with Trafalgar in the late 80's. He had wanted to drive, but after seeing the traffic and people dealing with the rotaries, he decided England was one place he would prefer not to drive. And he really enjoyed the people we met and made friends with and sitting on the back seat of the bus acting like a high-schooler, while someone else worried about the traffic.

A lot depends on your age and temperament. Trafalgar is a good choice for the UK, since they are a London-based company, and that is where they are best, if you choose a tour. I have mixed feelings and, since I've traveled rather a lot, would prefer the flexibility of a car (as long as I don't have to do the driving) if circumstances permit. Your time is well-used with a tour because you don't make wrong turns and get lost, etc., and someone else does the worrying for you, but you do give up that option to stay longer at someplace you really love or the spontaneity of deciding to go see X castle after all.

I've done tours a lot because my family worries less if I'm with a group and they know someone will know if I have a problem. For me, it beats not traveling, and I couldn't begin to tell you what marvelous experiences I've had traveling that way. I still correspond with friends made on tours. So I think it's mostly the particular tour (size of group, tour director, etc.) and your preferences.

However you do it, just go and know that you will enjoy it.

Happy travels,

Lou (TX)