Subject: Alternatives to bus tour of Britain; no driving
Hello future travellers to Britain (one of my very very favorite places)

It just occurred to me that several drivers advertise in magazines like British Heritage for private tours. These ads often say that the drivers are retired police or military officers. You might want to get some magazines that like these and check out the ads. There are also ads for small group tours.

I usually find British Heritage Magazine at Borders. Borders seems to have a good array of magazines for Anglophiles, and these types of magazines carry advertisements for touring Britain that are not exclusively large group bus tours.

Universities and museums sometimes also offer tours with smaller groups. I would look into these before I would book with a commercial bus tour company.

International Travel News, mentioned yesterday on the Zine, is also a good source for information on tours other than the big bus type.

You could do a train and plane trip (there are great cheap airlines to take you to Scotland) and you could supplement this with some private or small group driving tours.

I offer these suggestions as an alternative to a large bus tour.

Good luck, Debbie in Pittsburgh