Subject: Re: Prague - last minute
Hi Kim, last year I stayed with my mum for 12 days in Prague. We rented an apartment from Maryīs ( ) , just behind the Starometsko Namesty, in Tynska Street. I cannot tell you the rate right now, but it was quite reasonable. I also booked a taxi driver to pick us at the airport and bring us to their office and the apartment. It wasnīt so cheap as going by bus into town, but I thought that the price was right. The girls at the agency were nice and professionals. I had booked two operas (The Magic Flute and Don Giovanni), and while there we saw that Winston Marsalys was playing at the Karolinum. We couldnīt get tickets, but we got tickets to the Mozart Requiem at the Municipal House (great place, pity about the people attending, they were talking and moving around all the time) and Aida (I didnīt like it). If they are dancing Onegin at the Estates Theatre, go. We saw them last year in Bilbao, and they are great. We booked the tickets with Bohemia Ticket We went also on a day trip to Dresden and to Karlstejn, on our own. It was easy and lovely. I bought the tickets at Cedok, in Na Prikope, without any problem. I agree with John about the Municipal House. Go downstairs, and eat at their beer restaurant.

Regards, Covadonga in Bilbao