Subject: Re: Tours to Britain/Scotland
I guess i'll jump in on the plus side. I've taken a tour of England, Wales and Scotland, albeit using a budget tour operator, Cosmos, and i've taken a Globus tour in Scotland. I enjoyed both. I do think you may find 19 days a bit too long to be on andoff a bus day after day. We found that 2 weeks was plenty. You just have to realize that you won't always have as much time in some places as you might like and sometimes, have too much time but that's a matter of personal taste though for the most part i have always found the tour companies find a fairly adequate average. Trafalgar would be similar to Globus and the hotels will be fine. Occaisionally they may be out of the center of a city but handy for public transportation. The hotel we had in Edinburgh with Globus was just off the Royal Mile though, the final night in Glasgow was central as was our hotel in Inverness. They will offer you optional excursions, which means you pay extra. Some are worth it and some aren't but it depends on what you want to see and do. We took some and used other opportunities to either take a bit of free relaxation time or see something else we preferred. If you want to discuss it further, do email me off list.

I have a couple of travelogues online that i wrote about these two tours, so that may give you a good idea of bus life. (Cosmos, Budget tour) (Bonnie Scotland, Globus)