Subject: Italy, May,2002; Questions Re: Special Diet
Hello and thanks to all of you whose posts have given me so much insider information about Italy!

I have been researching our upcoming trip for some time (three of us will be there during all of May, 2002), and have some important questions about the special diet I am on. Any information you could offer would be much appreciated! I am on the Primal Diet and would like to know where I might find the following: organically grown vegetables and fruits, free-range eggs, grass-fed beef, fresh, organic milk, butter, cheese, and fresh (not farmed) fish.

Our itinerary is: 3 nights in Venice, 5 in Florence, 5 nights on the Ligurian coast, a week near Orvieto touring the nearby towns, a week in Sorrento, 4 days in Rome.

I am on this raw-food diet to detox from mercury poisoning, which is going well, and I would like to continue the healing as much as possible while travelling. Pasta and grains are not part of the diet! Any guidance anyone may have will be gratefully received!

Thanks! Terry (Vancouver, B.C.)