Subject: Special Diet
Hello Terry

organically grown vegetables and fruit, milk, butter and eggs are easily available at large supermarkets or stores. Just look for the sign biologico or bio, with different logos like flowers, leafs or something recalling nature. We have seen some bio meat too, but just during the mad-cow frenzy and just once in a while now. The fresh (sea) fish has a price two or three times the farmed one, so you can easily see it at fish markets. The price of all that high quality food is almost 50% higher than the price of the standard one. I don't know of restaurants declaring to serve only bio food, except for a handful of vegetarian and new age-type ones. If you are staying in the countryside, the owners will probably use some of their own farm product, tastier than commercial ones but I don't know if they can really be called organic. Hope you'll be able to manage


Paolo Trieste, Italy