Subject: Re Aust and NZ 17 Days
Johnathon,G'Day Mate, 17 days. Australia is for scenery, natural beauty, great food and meeting people. A wonderful country. Vast and adventurous. Decide what you want to see by researching the many sites available and then plan carefully. Your likes will lead you....Think of Tasmania if you like bush walking. Some of the best....Wine areas? Beaches. Diving. Cities. Native culture. You can find it all. But first decide how you want to spend your time. Then I think we can all give you lots of specific recommendations...Like a great B &B at Trinity Beach just outside Cairns. Red Emperor done to perfection. Jonah's at Palm Beach. Barrramundi, Pawpaw, even a Shakespeare pie in Manly. New Zealand is another country. I know it is close and it seems like OZ but it really is another experience. I cant imagine enought time to do both in 17 days. But I will admit I do like to smell the coffee and a good red... Cheerio and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my fellow Ziners all over this world of ours.....Gay