Subject: San Miguel de Allende
Graziella, I've been going to San Miguel for over twenty years. It's a beautiful colonial town thats over 450 years old. Cobble stone streets and lots of charm. Twenty years ago most of the Americans that were there were artists, writers or teachers who would come down for the summer to study Spanish. The New York Times and several travel magazines discovered it. It has now become a very trendy place. Lots of rester aunts, boutiques and prices that are equal to the states. But it is just delightful. The weather is wonderful. Cool in the summer, as the altitude is over 7000 feet. It has some of the best Spanish schools in Mexico, classes on just about anything that you might wish to study. A wonderful library and great places to eat. I would not consider it typical Mexican. Sometimes on the streets you hear more English spoken than Spanish. However,I have traveled a great deal and haven't found a place that I like any better. I think I told you I spend 6 months a year there. I cant get over how knowledgeable and helpful the people are in this group. I wish you all a very Happy New Year and great traveling. Regards Ann