Subject: Re: San Miguel de Allende
Hi Kathy, My name is Ann and I live half of the year in San Miguel. Its a charming town with cobble stone streets, lots of wonderfull places to eat and a marvelous library.I personally find San Miguel cool from December to the middle of March. After that it is just glorious...Right now according to my friends they're having a cold spell. But it is usually warm and sunny during the day, it gets cool after the sun goes down. There are many good places to stay. The hotel Quinta Loreto would be one that I would recommend. Its family owned and they have a wonderfull resteraunt. I rent my appartment out for December to Feb to people from Boston and they dont complain. Maybe I'm just a hot house flower. I usually try to get some traveling to warmer destinations in at that time. But it is considered high season and the town is full. Many people go to Oaxaca at that time of the year, its much further south. I was there this past summer for a festival and I dont find it nearly as interesting. To getTo San Miguel you can either fly into Leon and its an hour and a half cab ride...$55USD or fly into Mexico City and take a bus for three and a half hours for about $15. If I can be of any more help to you let me know. You could also think about some of the beach resorts which are wonderfull. Happy New Year. You'll love San Miguel if you go. Ann