Subject: Re: London and Paris in January
Dear Margy

Hi and welcome to TheTravelzine; we're glad to have you.

You will have a great time in London and Paris, but you will enjoy your time more if you are prepared for wet and/or cold weather. Some fleece and microfiber layers, waterproof and warm shoes, and umbrellas are necessities. The weather is variable, but it probably won't be warm and sunny. ;-)

I once bought a winter coat, hat, gloves, and a scarf in England in May. And wore them! A big scarf, tied with a certain dash, will make you feel like you fit right in in Paris.

You can eat cheaply in both cities, by picnicking. Sandra Gustafson's books on Cheap Eats in both cities are very helpful. Avoid, if you ask me, Rick Steves' restaurant recommendations. You can do better in both London and Paris. Frommer's budget guide books (on $75 a Day) have good suggestions, too.

Don't forget to use public transportation. It is wonderful in both London and Paris. Have a fantastic trip!

Happy New Year, Debbie in Pittsburgh