Subject: re: Castello di Gargonza
Hi Laurie,

The location is excellent!! You are a reasonable distance from Cortona, Lucignano, Pienza, Montepulciano, Arezzo, and so forth. Yes, the beds are good. You definately won't find fancy furniture, but that has never been important to me either.

Our first rental was the small independent house La Guardia which is located just outside the walls. It is the rental that I would most recommend, but it only sleeps four people. Our second rental was the apartment, Nando. It was not as nice as La Guardia. It also only sleeps three people.

While I have been fortunate to see the interiors of most of the apartments, I have never seen Fonteblonda II. I can tell you that it is house in a three story building and Fonteblonda II is made of the two lower floors. It does have views from the second floor and there is a vine-covered pergola across from the building that would be nice to sit under.

The pool is in an absolutely spectacular location. It is very large and I believe in the summer season they have a little place set-up for snacks and drinks. The restaurant is directly across from the pool and I highly recommend it. We ate there most nights and guest receive a 5 percent discount on lunch and dinner.

Kitchens at Gargonza can range from a kitchen corner to a full kitchen. I would ask them to send you info describing what kind of kitchen it is if you are planning to cook alot. Especially, if you want a full-size fridge. La Guardia had a full-size one but Nando had only a half-size and we were disappointed because we stayed there for a week and like to stock-up on groceries.

There is an EXCELLENT CO-OP (italian chain grocery store) in Monte Savino. It was one of the largest we had seen in the area.

Hope this answered some more of your questions. I would stay at Castello di Gargonza for a third time. It is truly a magical place and we were very happy there.

Let me know if you think of anymore questions, I would be more than happy to answer them for you.