Subject: Re: San Miguel de Allende
Hi Kathy!

Were you specifically thinking of San Miguel de Allende? Or were you considering any other locations in Mexico? Ann Daub mentioned Oaxaca. And although she didn't find it as interesting as San Miguel I would have to respectfully disagree. Especially if one has an interest in the indigenous cultures of Mexico and their history pre-dating the arrival of the Europeans.

And, of course, you did mention warm. That would lead me to suggest beach areas. Not all of Mexico is mega-resorts such as Cancun or Acapulco. On the Pacific the coast between Manzanillo and Puerto Vallarta is a real jewel. Likewise, along the Caribbean between Akumal past Tulum. Unfortunately, this area is developing fast so now is the time to visit before it is completely overrun.

Just thought I might complicate matters a bit with a few (of many) alternative suggestions.

John in San Diego