Subject: Re: Monastero di S. Benedetto
Hi Adrian,

maybe I am responding too late for your needs, but I'll do it nevertheless. Subiaco is a very lovely place. You'll find the benedictine monastery outside the town in a quiet place with a beutiful cloisture. Then you go up the hill by feet and find the Sacro Speco, a place where St. Benedict stayed some time. In the Sacro Speco there are beautiful frescoes. As far as I know they have the most ancient fresco of St. Francis from Assis over there. To me it is the most natural and most beautiful portrait of St. Francis I know. My last visit is already 20 years ago. I think I remember a bus station at Porta Pia (Via Nomentana) where you could catch a bus to Subiaco. If you are planning a day trip you should consider visiting the Villa Hadriana and Tivoli with its bautiful garden as well. Tivoli has spectacular fountains; sorry I don't remeber the exact name of that location. During my stay at Rome me and my friends used to visit Subiaco several times together with Tivoli and Villa Hadriana on a day trip using the bus.

Best Regards Johannes Klein Haltern, Germany