Subject: Re: Suggestions for Veneto region
Hi Ira,

We visited the Veneto region in the Spring of 1994, before we began writing travelogues. Our notes were brief in those days but the trip was memorable. We drove extensively and visited many towns and villages north and south of Verona and Padua. The countryside was beautiful and peaceful in those days. The highlights were:

Vicenza - The architect Palladio designed this outrageously gorgeous city. If you haven't been there - go. We stayed at the basic, three- star Hotel Continental - had two marvelous meals: Lunch at Gran Caffe Garibaldi (Piazza dei Signori 5) and dinner at Agli Schioppi.

Bassano del Grappa - It's a cute, sweet town with a lot of class. The wooden bridge is the highlight. We stayed at the very nice Hotel Belvedere and had a wonderful dinner in their dining room. While there, we visited nearby Marostica, a walled town with panoramic views from on high and Possagno, which has a magnificent church, complete with a tilted bell tower.

Asolo - Is a dream, small village where you will want to retire. It's home to the famous Hotel Cipriani, which blends into the village. If you go, take a tour of the hotel. It's elegant, yet casual. We had an outstanding lunch at Hosteria Ca' Derton

Monselice - A cute town, worth a visit just to eat at La Torre, where we had the best meal of the trip. If you go, send our regards to the owner who has a brother in New York.

Others along the way, were Treviso with canals running through the old town, Castelfranco, a neat, walled town with a moat, and Aqua Petrarca, Este and Montagnana all worth a quick visit if you are in the area.

Hope this helps.

Happy New Year, Don and Linda