Subject: Economical meals in London and Paris

I had another thought or two on this topic:

In Paris, it is possible to have delicious eggs, salads or sandwiches in sidewalk cafes for lunch or dinner. Boulangeries often sell sandwiches as well as baguettes. There is beautiful fruit and lots of great snacks nearly everywhere. Paris is a total delight for snackers. For good and inexpensive restaurants, you can check out the website of Jack:

I find Jack's recommendations to be very good.

In London, we found many take away restaurants with decent food. The bakeries are generally very good, and you might consider pastries for breakfast or lunch. We often had a sandwich or something light from a cart or cafeteria at whatever attraction we were visiting, followed by a yummy pastry somewhere nearby, with tea or coffee. There is an inexpensive cafeteria serving good food in the basement of St Martin's in the Fields. Do visit this place, for chamber concerts or the brass rubbing center in the same basement. Right on Trafalgar Sq.

There are also lots of pizza and pasta shops, Chinese restaurants, Indian restaurants, pubs with so-so food. I found pub food to be better at lunch, with good things like ploughman's lunches for reasonable costs. You get a slab or cheese or pate, some good bread, and a little salad or relish. There are crowds at lunchtime, though. If you find something good and inexpensive in London, my suggestion is to stick with it.

For a treat, we love Lou Pescadou, near Earl's Court, for French seafood. They have an early dinner prix fixe special that is outstanding. Without wine, it is quite a delicious and economical meal.

And I strongly reiterate my earlier suggestion to check out Gustafson and Frommer on inexpensive meals in both cities. I have found them to be very reliable.

Have fun, Debbie in Pittsburgh