Subject: Re: E Ticket or Paper Ticket traveling

It's hard to know what to choose: paper or eticket.

Eticket advantages: nothing to lose, convenient, easy to purchase on the net or phone. Disadvantages: only a few US airlines are allowing multi-carrier etickets, so it must be on one airline. If there are any irregular operations, the carrier must issue (we say push out) the coupons that passenger may take to another airline to try to get re-accommodated. If your eticket contains some code share flights, it can be difficult to get help from the issuing carrier if something goes amiss on the code share. Example: your ticket is a United eticket, but one of the flights is actually operated by SkyWest. In the case of an irregular op on the SkyWest flight, it may be hard to get re-accommodated, get luggage properly handled or have coupons pushed out. Some carriers don't keep eticket files for more than a year. The airlines hope you will forget about unused etickets, instead of using them to exchange against future travel. Fewer airline ticket counter personnel are going to be able to handle complex exchanges of eticket files. (Believe me, this process is cumbersome beyond reckoning.)

Paper ticket advantages: you've got something in hand which you may be able to parlay into another ticket, or a seat on another carrier. You will have fewer problems trying to check baggage thru to your ultimate destination. You can have an itinerary with more than one carrier. Disadvantages: easy to lose, perhaps more expensive to issue.

All that having been said, my guess is that in another year you won't have a choice: all transactions will be paperless. The airlines really want to get rid of paper tickets.

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