Subject: ETicket or Paper Ticket
The selection process for full searches at airports is totally unpredictable, but I've not had that much feedback that the reason is etickets. I've been out 4 times since 9.11, on paper tickets & etickets both. I got the total search on paper tickets & I mean TOTAL. When my searcher actually pulled back the elastic back of my shorts to look down my backside, I can tell you I turned bright red! The waiting lounge was packed with a 777-load of folks, all watching this process intently. I frankly did not know what to do: complain & be targeted as a troublemaker? say nothing & get the stares of my fellow passengers? I also was required to take a drink from the water bottle in my carryon to prove it was indeed water. In the end, I skulked on the plane, the last person to be boarded, & I felt all eyes were on me. Yikes.

BUT I endorse the concept of increased screening so I didn't yelp. I also understand that the very inconsistent nature of the search procedure as it happens today may be part of the plan, so that would-be terrorists can't count on any one method of screening.

But. 'Ziners, this isn't going to keep any of us at home, is it?

Gail In Eugene but never for long