Subject: Airport security & film
I flew from Seattle to LA and back around Christmastime. In Seattle I had a similar search as Roy and Wanda with the wand including some hand patdowns around my feet, knees, waist, and buttocks. They did this right at the gate and searched through my carry-on by hand right at the gate. My ID was checked at least three times throughout the airport. I had a paper ticket.

It's also noteworthy that one of my friends has reported that she was asked to take off her shirt! She told the security agent that she was not going to take off her shirt there, but that if they wanted to take her to a private room she could do that there. They let her go.

I can understand why the security measures are needed, but it took me four hours from the time I walked into the airport in Seattle until I could get on a plane. And I was the last person to get on that plane so I was just lucky. Needless to say, I missed my original scheduled flight even though I arrived 2 1/2 hours early. I don't plan to give up flying, but as my father says if the airlines want people to fly, they'd better start thinking of their customers. I don't really have a problem with being searched, but standing in lines for four hours without even a restroom or snack break to get a flight out was ridiculous. I do have to congratulate LAX. On what was supposed to be the busiest travel day, they had virtually no lines.

However, in LAX they insisted on x-raying my film and I was not happy about that at all. I started to argue with them and decided I'd better keep quiet. Out of fear of being detained I told them to go ahead and x-ray the film. Any official news on the new rules about film being x-rayed would be appreciated. It used to be that in the US a person could request hand inspection of photographic film and the inspectors had to comply. I didn't even have my film in canisters. It was all in a plastic bag for easy inspection. Seattle did a hand inspection, but not LAX. Guess I might have to resort to carrying the lead bag.

majeba Seattle area, WA, USA