Subject: fear of flying?!

Debbie has some wonderful ideas for helping you become less anxious while flying.

One of my erstwhile travel companions isn't exactly anxious, but I would call her restless. She always packs a busy box, much like the one I prepare for my granddaughter, full of light reading, crossword puzzles, a tape player for both relaxing music &audio books, snacks &of course, antiacids, sinus pain relievers &vitamins. Helps a lot.

And regarding airport searches, the shorts episode happened so fast I didn't have time to say, take me to a private location for this search! As I think back on it, there's got to be a better way! I too have had the total body search at New Delhi, in a small cubicle, with a female security person. It wasn't nearly as traumatic as this search!

Gail In Eugene but never for long