Subject: fear of flying?!
(Snip) I have also found that on United Airlines, most pilots let you listen to the cockpit/control tower conversations. If the ride is turbulent as my last one was, I can hear if 28,000 feet is better than 24,000 feet ;-) Although I'm still not in control of the situation, it helps to know what is going on. My uncle is a pilot so it helps when I talk to him.

Whoever had the idea of White Knuckle Airlines (Joanne) is a genius! I love the idea of having someone tell you what's going on. In fact, my cousin, who is also an anxious flyer, was on a flight from London-Seattle on British Airways and she said the flight attendants knew she was nervous, so they would make it a point to come to her to let her know what was happening! Kudos to British Air.

Thanks again everyone. I think I can take my baby step (with a LOT of medication) to a short jaunt to Vegas, because of course, VEGAS is awesome!!! ;-)

Kim in Seattle