Subject: Paris in January
Hi Margy

We were in Paris in December and I wrote up a travelogue which you'll find under files, then travelogues if you're interested. Most of the restaurants that I mentioned cost about $45 - $60 for two -- However, we had everything including wine and usually cheese... not the menu -- which usually consists of an appetizer, entree and dessert or just entree and either appetizer or dessert. Ordering the menu is much cheaper in all French restaurants rather than ordering a la carte. -- Just look for the daily menu. Also, the wines that are the cheapest are vin ordinaire (local table wine) which can be purchased by the glass, demi-pitcher, demi-carafe, etc. They are quite drinkable and often excellent! (cheap!) Un carafe d'eau will give you table water - not bottled water and it's wonderful - We've never had a problem healthwise and it tastes great. Sandwiches can be purchased all over. They are ready-made and usually consist of a bagette, with ham and cheese, cheese, or pate -- Pizza is everywhere, although we've never tried any. These are not expensive. Also, fruit/veggie markets are all over too! You won't starve and we find the tiny bistros more fun than the cafeteria-style restaurants (which are also inexpensive)

Re - weather. Paris is always cold in the winter (usually). You can have a dusting of snow - sometimes - but it's a wet cold and you might consider hand-warmers (if you get cold and you walk alot) and Ugg boots which I find are the warmest - Your toes will thank you! Also, layering is terrific - We find that a few undershirts will do the trick even in the rawest weather and... if it gets warm (i.e. some restaurants, etc) - go to the toilette and peel some off! This helps to pack light.

Have fun!!! Susie Newton, MA