Subject: Carrara Marble Caves
Hi all, Gail wrote that the drive to the marble caves above Carrara was life-threatening. I'm here to second that. We decided to take a mountain pass down from the far reaches of the Alpi Apuanne which was mentioned in a guidebook or two. This brought us out above Carrara, but only after I begged my husband to please let me out of the car, so that I could walk down, hugging the mountainside. He refused, of course.

This was truly the most anxiety ridden auto journey of my life. My hands actually hurt from grasping the car door; my knuckles were white. When we reached Lucca, our base, I was so happy to be out of the car that I bounded into the hotel lobby laughing and in high spirits. This was on September 11, and the desk clerk just pointed at the television screen. It was about 4 pm in Italy.....

So for more reasons than one, I will never forget that mountain pass.

A better year to all, Debbie in Pittsburgh