Subject: Death-defying car trips
Hi Debbie, I was fascinated to read that you and Gail (of all people!) had experienced anxiety attacks during car trips. My car experience from hell happened in Greece on a twisting, rain-soaked, slippery, dirt road (wide enough for one car), which lead to the top of one of the promontories in Meteora.

Going up was worse than imaginable but all I could think of was, what will happen if a car decides to come down? No guard rails, only luck saved us from what surely would have meant death. At the top, I got up off the car floor and waited with tears in my eyes, knees shaking, outside the car while Don manuevered, inch-by-inch, turning it around so we could go down.

This was not the monastery we had planned to see. We had taken the wrong road, which started innocently enough, and the rest of the story is history.

Please share your horror stories - misery loves company. This is better than therapy; relating the experience was truly cathartic!

Cheers! Linda