Subject: Death-defying car trips
Fellow Adventurers: One thrill of travel is being able to tell about these trips without having to scratch beneath a cast. My hairiest vehicle trip was on the mountain roads of Bolivia where the road is but one lane wide (driveway sized lane), no guard rails and a sheer drop of up to 2 or 3 thousand feet. In some cases, the vehicle going uphill is allowed the side into the mountain presumably on the premise that the downhill driver has a better idea of where his or her wheels are. Of course, the idea of any side of the road was only in those turnout spots where you and large vehicles could pass one another. We would see hulks of buses which were unfortunate enough to go over. No one would recover the wreckage, it being too costly to do. In one case the authorities closed the road to La Paz in one direction to allow truck traffic to proceed unimpeded by oncoming traffic. We were told that the direction would reverse and we could drive to La Paz that evening. We went another way; it was hairy enough when you could see, it would have been insane to drive it in the dark. Still alive Tom