Subject: Pieve di Cadore and mountain roads
Hi Paolo, We have had some great walks in the area surronding Falzarego when we were children. My last time in Cortina was three years ago, but I know that we have to get back there (if not, our mum will kill us :), she loves it there ). We have been up in the area surrounding the Tofana di Rozes, and then walk down to the Falzarego pass following all the First World War memories. That war must have been horrible. Another walk (easier than this last one) was walking up to the Nuvolau. We were dressed as proper hikers, but I was wearing a straw hat bought in Venice (donīt ask me why, I was 13 at the time). With the wind, I had to keep a hand on my hat in order to avoid losing it, and I was also totally afraid of the heights, so I was walking with three legs, using my free hand. Until my mum told me to look at some glamorous italian woman going up with high heels. Then I decided not to be stupid. Thanks God, we were rewarded at the top with spaghetti and ice-cream. I have found these maps on the Dolomiti website, where you can see some photos. It looks quite interesting. Regards, Covadonga in Bilbao (Spain)