Subject: Mallorca
Hi Rosemary, I was in Mallorca in May this past year and loved it. I was enchanted by all the windmills, each one different, which we were told are mostly reconstructed for the tourists now. After the island ceased to exist mostly as a farming area, they fell into disrepair, and the government has paid or subsidized people to restore the ones on their property. In fact, when I asked why so many large, new modern-looking homes had the round towers on one corner or the other they said it was because they had saved a windmill and the government helped pay for the house construction.

We took the train to Soller and loved it. The town of Soller was very interesting, although we were with a group and didn't have much time to spend there. At an open air restaurant on the lake, right by where you get the train to go up, we ate the best pizza I've ever had anywhere -- really superb. Soller was my favorite place on Mallorca. The city of Palma has a lot to see, but we stayed at a hotel on one of the little coves about 45 minutes by bus from there, and we really enjoyed the small-town, quiet atmosphere and the quiet little beach on the cove.

The pearl factory tour was one of those I could have lived very happily without; however, if you are interested in the Mallorca pearls, they have a very large store across from the factory with good prices. It's touristy and very busy but very well run. We didn't make it to the caves.

Hope this will help some. Adios and happy travels, Lou (TX)