Subject: Top of Carrara
Hi Ziners Graziella wrote:
> the top of Carrara to the little town up, up in the clouds but I thought it
> was not a big deal, are we talking of the same one?, We took a car trip up in the mountains beyond Carrara to Vagli di Sopra and its sister town, the name of which is very similar, but I can't remember it. Sorry. Our car trip was interesting, and we saw a lot of wonderful mountain vistas, and had a great and very inexpensive lunch. But I would not revisit these towns or recommend the trip to others.

As I said, it was an interesting road trip with lots of great scenery, but the towns we visited did not hold enough interest in the way of architecture, art and churches, shops and markets, or food to tempt us back. The up side is that we got to glimpse a way of life that was very different from any thing we had previously seen in Italy. Ciao, Debbie