Subject: train reservations, Carnivale Venezia 2002
Hi Jane,

> ...arriving in Milan on Feb 6 and plans to take the train that morning to Venice.
> She is concerned that she might need a reservation It depends by which train she´s gonna take. If it is a Eurostar the reservation is mandatory, and she can buy ticket+seat until 20 min. before the train departs. If on the other hand that is an Intercity train, the reservation is not obligatory and she can just get on and find a free seat. Note that a free seat corresponds to an empty space on the board out of the compartment, while if there´s some piece of paper the seat is reserved between the cities written on it. By rule, 20% of the total seats are not reserved, so she might be able to find a free one unless the train is very crowded (but I wouldn´t be worried about it). Ciao Flavio in Copenhagen