Subject: Re euros
Hi all,

While the so-called legacy currencies (French francs, German marks, etc) will no longer be legal tender for transactions (such as buying a meal at a restaurant) after Feb. 28 or sooner, one will be able to exchange them for euros at a bank for quite some time (it varies from country to country -- in some cases years). In France, one will be able to exchange francs for euros at the Bank of France for several years.

So, you need not worry about being stuck with the legacy currencies in March and thereafter. (You might want to keep some of that legacy currency as souvenirs!)

Bons voyages!

Evan in Paris

PS I'm personally sorry to see the French franc go. The bills (banknotes) are much more attractive and colorful than the euros. The francs have pictures of great French men and women with the things that made them famous (my favorite, the 50-franc note with author and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupery and pictures of the Little Prince). The euro notes have pictures of generic bridges. How boring!