Subject: US dining (was: Bologna)
Hi Everyone Graziella wrote

> It seems to me.... that when we (here in the US) go out for dinner is mainly to go out
> while in Italy when Italians go out for dinner is to have a great meal...Do I
> make any sense?

This certainly makes sense to me. I am so oftened disappointed by meals here in the US. My husband and I have nearly stopped eating out in Pittsburgh because we almost always are disappointed, and we certainly never feel that we have received value for our money.

I am really lucky in that I love to cook, and have an appreciative audience in my spouse. He tells everyone, Why should we eat out when we always have a better meal at home? Nice, eh?

But the situation here is abominable. Even in New York, where we have been a lot lately because our daughter is in school there, we have had some awful meals at reputable and high priced restaurants. Cafe Luxembourg owes me money!

I can't really say that I have had that many disappointing meals in Italy or France. Ciao, Debbie in snowy Pittsburgh