Subject: Re: Mallorca
Hi Rosemary. Your message brought back delightful memories of a hurried trip my husband and I took to Mallorca 30 years ago! We were trvelling in England and could no longer take the dreary rain and cold so we dashed into a travel agency and asked to go anywhere in Europe that there might be some sun.After going into shock (remember this was 30 years ago and people just didn't do things spur of the minute), the agent booked us into a small hotel outside Palma and off we went. We metterrific people and had a wonderful time and the absolute highlight of our trip , and something we still talk about, was the little train to Puerto Soller! I do hope it hasn't changed much - it was all shiny brass and sparkly clean. It chugged along through scented orange and lemon groves that were so close you could touch the fruit. Don't miss it.

Regards Judy Abbotsford BC Canada