Subject: Re: Top of Carrara (was:car trips/Mountains)
Hi Gavin

Both Vagli di Sopra and its sister town, right across a slim mountain road, are well beyond Isola Santa. We drove into these farther reaches of the Alpi Apuanne from Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, and it is indeed an easier drive. It was the drive from Isola Santa, to Pietrosanta or thereabouts, that was the killer. One can drive from Isola Santa to Massa on a reasonable road, or toward Carrara on a road designed only for the insane. Of course, I insisted on taking the insane route, and indeed it was nuts.

Was the something Cherry restaurant in Castelnuovo di G.? We didn't stop there, but only stopped once we reached Vagli di Sopra, which, belive me, is pretty far at the end of nowhere. The restaurant we ate at had some pinball machines, a bar, no other patrons but one, who was eating something that looked good. We asked for lunch and got what he was having! It was lasagna and it was delicious and very cheap. Not much service or atmosphere, but what lasagna!

Ciao Debbie in Pittsburgh Ps. Just looked in three guidebooks for the name of the town next to Vagli di Sopra and came up with zilch. I will find it on a map and let you know. Stay safe.