Subject: Re: US dining (was: Bologna)
Debbie in snowy Pittsburgh commented on the difference between American and foreign dining.

Although I have had many pleasurable dining experiences here in the US, I generally agree with her comments. To take them one step further, I went to a GTG in here Dallas of the old Travel-L group (for those not familiar, Travel-L overlapped considerably with this group but without, IMHO, the present excellent moderation). We were chatting a bit after dessert AND WERE ASKED TO LEAVE BY THE MANAGEMENT (capitalization intentional)! I would add that we had not spent innumerable hours. After we complained, we did get a free meal, but have not returned to the restaurant in question (it is a very good one, but not indispensable).

Indeed, I understand that many fast food restaurants deliberately make their chairs uncomfortable to discourage lingering over meals.

Ira H. Bernstein Dallas, TX