Subject: Re: US dining (was: Bologna)

I have noticed the same preoccupation with turning the tables even in upscale restaurants here in the US. When I am the victim of such silliness, you can be sure I never go to that establishment again &I mention the unwelcoming attitude to friends.

Trying out a new &expensive (at least by Eugene standards!) vegetarian restaurant on my birthday a few years ago, we were literally shooed out the door when the coffee cups were not even empty! After eating, my friend gave me a birthday card which I opened &read; immediately the owner bustled importantly to our table &said he needed the table for other diners &we should leave now. There were 4 other tables empty in the small dining room &no one was waiting to be seated. This is dining??

This is in stark contrast to dining in Italy, when we often have asked the owner/chef to join us for a grappa after an enjoyable, leisurely meal. Then this discussion you mention, Ira, begins: what produce was used in the meal preparation, where did it come from &so on. As a passionate gardener, these discussions I love!

Gail In Eugene but never for long