Subject: US Dinning
John and Gail:

I believe that you are both absolutely right!!

There is an ocean of difference between the inexcusable way Gail and friends were treated in a rest. in Eugene and the charming place you work in San Diego....!!

By the way John, it looks so good!!! , will you take care of us too if we go there? Because it seems the right place to visit...You would be appalled if you see the prices and quality of some menus here in Miami ( I am sorry to say), in South Beach some so called Italian places offer basically carpaccio ( I not sure how to spell it), tiramisu, know... the kind of food that doesn 't require a real chef or cook to be prepared, ... I am not saying that all rest. are like that here, but let put it this way , it is easy to be disappointed and to feel overcharged.... so I am with Debbie eating more and more at home.....

Graziella , Miami Beach