Subject: Re: Untours
Hi Majeba,

Covadonga is correct - and the Untours website is excellent. Also, their phone number is 1-888-868-6871. It is a travel organization which arranges your airfare, sends you maps and a travel guide before your trip, arranges an apartment for you for 2 weeks, gets a rental car for you (or public transportation passes if that is the better option, depending on location), picks you up at the airport, gives everyone an orientation get-together so you can ask questions and has someone on-site for emergencies and to give helpful information - but after that you are ON YOUR OWN with no hustling on and off buses to take tours to places you don't want to go anyway. You do your own thing - but with assistance if you need it. There are specific locations - they don't operate EVERYWHERE. We were in Portugal with them in 2000 and are going to Venice this June. Look them up! - They will also e-mail pictures of their apartments to you ahead of time so you can make a choice of the ones they have available. They are really very helpful and accommodating. (And I have no financial interest in this organization - altho I think it would be fascinating to work for them!!

Joy in Boulder Colorado