Subject: Re: Travel Ideas.....Au canada
Dear Ziners,

While we were on our last vacation last week at Disneyworld, my husband and I discussed our 2002 travel plans. I am from a family where, yes, we discussed what to make for dinner at breakfast, so its not just an Italian thing.

Our daughter has just turned 7, so we feel we can travel more. I wanted to go to London and Paris in June, however, my husband wants to wait one more year. He feels our daughter will appreciate it more when she is 8. I have given in, so want to instead go to Montreal. I'd like to go in august, when the weather is awful here in Chicago. He'd like to go in the fall, meaning our daughter would miss some school. We are already planning to spend Thanksgiving week in Williamsburg, VA.

In previous years, his employer, the Bank, has sent us to a warm clime as a reward for all the money my husband brings to his division. This practice has been suspended, shareholder value and all. So we may stick around for the (Feb) Presidents Day break, but go somewhere in late April, maybe san Francisco?. Perhaps go to New York in June between school and summer camp.

I will be keeping an eye out for good deals in a warm spot, maybe Puerto Rico?

Ziners, what is your advice?