Subject: Re: Dining in the US
Ira, et al,

I live in that banana republic called Louisiana, but at least I eat better than 99% of the rest of the people in the US. Dining in New Orleans is an experience that serious foodies should not miss, and the rest of you would probably enjoy. In general, we have wonderful food and better than average service - unless you find yourself in one of our famous tourist traps.

You must all come to New Orleans to have Friday lunch at Galatoire's with me. There is no such thing as being rushed - sometimes we linger over drinks for an hour before ordering anything. And there has been more than one occasion when the waiter has, in all seriousness, asked if we would be joining them for dinner also. It's the closest thing to eating in Europe that you'll ever find in the US, and the food's good too.

Callie in New Orleans Planning her next dinner out...