Subject: Sydney GTG
Hi Everyone,

First, let me start by praising the virtues of Aussie hospitality. I just came back from a memorable dinner with two Ziners, Joan and Gavin, as well as their respective partners, at Doyle's on the Beach. It was an incredible evening, marked by great food and wine, stunning views, and even better conversation. We had some of the freshest seafood that I have ever encountered, in a setting that was on the beach with a view of Sydney harbor that I will never forget. Watching the sun set (devouring my Mussels) over the skyline was a quite a thrill. I have now been in Australia for two days of a nearly three week trip, and I already know what one of the major highlights will be. Please let me thank both couples for showing me such a great time, and to also thank everyone who is part of this wonderful community people for making the Travelzine what it is. It is more than just a place where we exchange ideas and discuss relevant topics. I am off to Tasmania tomorrow, then to Melbourne for a week where we will follow much of what Joan has outlined for us as to places to eeat and take day trips, and then back to Sydney, where we are surely going to try and take Gavin upon his offer to show us some parts of Northern Sydney that are not emphasized in many of the guidebooks. Again, a huge thank you!

best wishes Jonathan Chimene