Subject: Re: Alaskan Cruise
Hi all

I haven't posted for a long while but have been reading all the great posts.

I've never traveled to Alaska, but allot of my friends have gone and have gone in June. I used Holland American in the Spring for a cruise and it was very nice. Everything was spic and span, cabins were of good size, and the service and entertainment was very good. The thing I liked best was they only carry about 1,000 people which makes access to every thing easier. I booked the cruise through AAA. Most of the people onboard were in there fifties or above and not many children. I have used NCL but they have not been very good in the past 5 years. It was a little tame for me, but it was very nice otherwise.

Have a good trip and I know you will get more help from the group. If I can answer any more questions please send me an email.

Bill WV Now in Florida for Winter