Subject: Vietnam
Sally, I was in Vietnam in 1994 so my information would be of little practical use with regard to hotels restaurants etc. Come to think of it, way back then both were pretty grim, at least the ones we experienced. However the warmth of the people and the beauty of the countryside more than made up for the spartan accommodations. We particularly enjoyed the temple of the Cao Dai and the Cu Chi tunnels south of Saigon. The delightful ancient town of Hoi An, Nha Trang, Hue, Halong Bay. Oh dear that's practically everywhere we went. Were I go again I would definitely go to Sapa near the border with China. There is a report with hundreds of photos of our trip on our website at I realise this may not be possible for you in Taiwan Sally but I would highly recommend renting the video Raise The Bamboo Curtain by Rick Ray to anyone considering a trip. He also visited in 1994 but the images and his insights into the past present and future of the Vietnamese are unforgettable. Thanks again to Ziner Gretchen Fifer for loaning me a copy and to Ziner Lou Matthews for bringing my very own copy up from the US. Where else but on the Zine can we get such generous help?

Enjoy Vietnam Regards, Sue Toronto.