Subject: Murrell's Inlet
Mary from MO asked for more info about Murrell's Inlet...

Murrell's Inlet is an approx 6 mile long inlet, 10 miles south of Myrtle Beach, SC. It is the oldest fishing village in the state of SC... and still maintains a quaint, unspoiled feel. Restaurants have names like Russell's Seafood Grill, Flo's and Drunken Jack's (there are actually about 30 restaurants to choose from).

The inlet used to be a summer rendevous for the area rice growers trying to escape the summer heat... and pirates trying to evade the law.

Murrell's Inlet is located right off highway 17 -- if you're going too fast, you'll miss the turn-off. A great place to enjoy the seafood, unspoiled beaches and marshy lowlands of SC.

Another suggestion north of Myrtle Beach is the Outer Banks of NC. My personal interest lies in the southern end -- less populated and commercial. You can take the ferries from the mainland out to the Outer Banks and drive along the water.

Regards, Shellee