Subject: Re: How to get to San Sebastian in Basque Country
Hi Pat, San Sebastian airport is located in Fuenterrabia (or Hondarribia, in Euskera), a very pretty fishermen village near the french frontier. It is very small, and they usually only have national flights. The nearest big airport is Bilbao, but we donīt have transatlantic flights, just European, so I donīt think she could find any cheap offer. If she flies into Bilbao, the best way to get to San Sebastian without driving would be getting a taxi to the bus terminal (Termibus) and from there, a bus to San Sebastian. They run very often, and it lasts around one hour to get from Bilbao to San Sebastian.

But there are other options : 1._ Fly into Paris, and from there get the TGV from Paris-Montparnasse to Hendaye. The TGV ends in Irun, and from there she could get a bus into San Sebastian (or if it is a late arrival, get a taxi). 2._ Fly into Madrid, get a taxi to the bus station in Avenida de las Americas (or Intercambiador de las Americas), and from there get a bus to San Sebastian (aprox. 6 hours). She could also get a train (the Costa Vasca is a night train)

In this case, she would be able to schedule a visit to Madrid and its great museums just before returning home.

Txillida-Leku is a great place. You can visit the museum, located in a farmhouse from the XVI century, totally rebuilt, and then go and wander through the green fields surrounding it, and touch all the sculptures that stand there (not the ones inside the house, mind you)

Some useful pages :

Regards, Covadonga in Bilbao (Spain)