Subject: Re: Puerto Vallarta
Hola Sandy! If you do an archive search,(try simply Puerto Vallarta) you should unearth several posts from October of this year when Pat Belanger and I were jointly salivating over the wonders of dining in PV. My post re: Car in Puerto Vallarta also contains a couple of links listing some very good restaurants.

The only regret we have regarding our 5 trips to PV, was the choice of going all-inclusive the first time. By the third day, we abandoned the buffet and bravely ventured forth, and we have never regretted the decision. Our waistlines often did, and I will admit to sipping Pepto Bismal after overindulgence in giant shrimp soaked in garlic butter three nights in a row.. but ahhh it was worth it. There are a wondrous array of excellent gourmet restaurants available.. do try as many as you can.

One of the great assets and sources of pride in PV is that you need not fear the water. Mega $ have been spent on a very modern purification system. Ice for drinks is always made from purified water. In fact, you shouldn't have a problem with drinking tap water unless you have a tummy that objects to even alien city water in the US. It's great to be able to sing in the shower!!!

Hope this helps to set you on the search for some good dining suggestions and helps to calm a few of those first time fears we all have. I'm sure you'll have a memorable time.

Anne Burlington ON