Subject: Re: Prince Edward Island
Hello Megan,

Getting to PEI from New York is certainly not impossible, but if you have only 2 days to travel to and from AND see the sights, it may well not be worth the effort. You cannot fly to Charlottetown from New York directly. You would have to fly to Halifax, Nova Scotia (maybe a 2 1/2 hr flight?) and then transfer to a flight to PEI, which would be about a 35 minute hop. Depending on the day of the week etc, there may be up to 5-6 flights from here. Air Canada rates are not cheap, even for such a short flight.

There would be a number of options for buses/shuttle vans, but they would be much more difficult to schedule and I wouldn't recommend that route. The only other viable option is to fly to Halifax and rent a car, driving to Charlottetown from the airport, which would be about 3 hours. It would be great if you had a few more days.

You may want to check this site: and if I can help with any more info from here, just email.

Collette Saunders Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada